Waylon Jennings

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Audience Comments:

Just thought you'd like to know, my wife and I
totally enjoyed your performance at Havelock. Just like the real

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance at the
Havelock Jamboree this past week. I ws in my motorhome making a
coffee to take to the field when you started your performance. I
got goose bumps and a chill when I heard you singing. It was like
Waylon was there himself. You were magnificent!

Just wanted to tell you that we were at your show last week and you
were unbelievable! Your tribute to Waylon gave us all
goosebumps. You have captured his mannerisms and looks

We really hope to see you again soon.If they ever make a movie about Waylon you should be their choice for his portrayal.